Afterpay is committed to responsible spending.

We empower our customers with features designed to provide freedom and flexibility

Check your spend limit

Customers can access their estimated spend limit in the Afterpay app or on the website.

Reschedule your payment

All customers can reschedule three payment dates per year. Pulse members can reschedule up to six!

Choose how much you pay

Customers can pay off some or all of an outstanding balance ahead of a scheduled payment.

Freedom and Flexibility at your Fingertips

Download the Afterpay app to check your spend limit, manage your payments, and shop with your favorite retailers.

We set out to build Afterpay as a tool to help people make the most of their money and manage their spending responsibly. Our mission is—and always will be—to empower our customers. Empowerment for us means that customers are always in control of their finances. Everything we do is to help ensure our customers keep that control.

To keep us focused on this mission, we have 4 guiding principles:


1. Take it slow

Afterpay customers should only ever spend what they can afford to pay back. To make sure of this, we take time to get to know our customers before enabling them to spend more. Afterpay sets sensible initial spending limits that increase gradually over time. We assess every order request using our proprietary real-time Repayment Capability Check to determine spending capacity and a customer’s ability to repay on time.


2. Keep Afterpay free

When customers use Afterpay there is never any interest or extra charges as long as they pay on time. What you see is what you truly get. Afterpay makes money by charging merchants, not customers—upholding this guarantee to customers is paramount to us.


3. Late payments are bad business

It’s good for Afterpay when people pay on-time or early, not when they pay us late. We will only charge a late fee if customers miss a payment. But first, we will do everything we can to help customers avoid this, including sending reminders leading up to the payment due date and an alert after a payment has failed.


4. Happy customers make even more happy customers

Afterpay has grown so quickly because we have so many happy customers. The more people love using Afterpay, the more often they come back. And the more they tell others about Afterpay, which gives more retailers the confidence to offer Afterpay. Everybody wins when customers have a great experience. A big part of that is being committed to responsible spending and keeping our product simple, honest and transparent.



For more detail about how Afterpay works, please visit our FAQs.

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For more detail about how Afterpay works, please visit our Help Center.